F5 Adds AI-Powered Anti-Bot and Fraud Prevention to Popular F5 Silverline Managed Services

Gail Coury Miniatura
Gail Coury
Published July 07, 2020

At F5, we hate fake application traffic. And there’s a lot to hate—up to 90% of traffic is bot-based, and all that fake traffic is trying to steal from legitimate sources by leveraging billions of stolen credentials each year. Attackers then use these credentials for account takeovers, scraping, gift card attacks, and carding—resulting in literally billions of dollars lost annually.

This probably isn’t news to you. We all know application security is a top priority, but many customers simply don’t have the budget to devote to the overhead of an entire in-house security team. That leaves them especially vulnerable to the ravages of bots.

To meet this challenge we have joined our stack of Silverline cloud-based security with Shape Silverline Defense, delivering world-class application protection by leveraging the power of the Shape network.

The new solution offers a better way to protect online businesses from imitation attacks—delivered by bots and other forms of automation—that simulate human behavior using highly sophisticated attack tools, with the goal of conducting crime or disrupting business. With this new offering, companies get the visibility, detection, and mitigation outcomes they need to slash fraud; reduce cloud hosting, bandwidth, and compute costs; improve user experiences; and optimize their business based on real human traffic.

The introduction of Silverline Shape Defense within the F5 Silverline managed security services portfolio gives customers:

  • Simplified buying, deployment, and ongoing support – Single-vendor solution for integrated, multi-service application security, deployed at the customer’s edge, and with 24x7 Security Operations Center support.

  • Powerful AI and ML to defeat attackers and prevent fraud – Accurately determines in real-time if an application request is from a fraudulent source and then mitigates it while allowing legitimate human users without additional friction.

  • One integrated portal – Provides a single pane of glass to get the most from managed and self-service capabilities, including configuration proxy and routing, visibility into threat details, attack analytics, and actions taken by SOC experts.

  • Global application security footprint – F5 Silverline managed services offer local points of presence in geographies around the world.

As the first new offering that spans F5 and Shape capabilities, we have aligned our product engineering teams, operations, and product marketing teams to deliver this new Silverline offering in just 5 months.

We’re especially proud of Silverline’s robust customer support. Silverline is designed for seamless deployment and support, but our Security Operations Center experts are available 24/7 to protect your apps from attack and abuse. Plus, Silverline can be implemented in as quickly as 30 minutes and is totally customizable to fit the needs of your organization.

For additional details on Shape Silverline Defense, visit here.