Operations in a Hybrid World

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Published June 29, 2016

The pace of change in the realms of the digital age is unprecedented. Driven by evolving consumer demands, changing industry structures, as well as accelerating technology development, the business world has experienced immense progression over the years by the revolution of digital transformation, with Australian companies latching onto this trend, with 97 percent of CIOs implementing innovative measures to boost business, according to the human resource consulting firm Robert Half.

Cloud in a hybrid world

The cloud, in all of its many forms, has introduced a whole new world of opportunities for organisations of all sizes. In today’s digital world, we are witnessing more and more organisations deploying and migrating applications to public and private clouds. Many of these enterprises are seeking a hybrid approach primarily to drive agility and cost savings. Meaning that organisations are seeking the same confidence level with applications and services in hybrid cloud deployments that they’ve seen in the data centre.

Hybrid technologies have become increasingly prominent as enterprises realise that they cannot rely of in-house resources solely to function in the digital age. By integrating with external IT setups, firms have gained increasing flexibility and scaleability that is the hallmark of a hybrid world.

The most efficient hybrid approaches utilise infrastructure as necessary, using the scalability of cloud to fulfil periods of the highest demand so they do not have idle equipment for the majority of their operations. The value of this is to have synergistic value from combining different infrastructures which may optimise performance and create greater cost value. In addition, hybrid cloud allows users to allocate workloads according to capacity and have the flexibility of rapid deployment times.   

By having the agility and scalability of hybrid cloud, companies may automate and orchestrate the deployment of application services while managing the dynamic redirection of workloads. Hybrid cloud therefore ensure high availability for users, replicated security policy and may be tailored according to the needs of the firm.

The changing digital world

Rapid changes in the digital age have placed enormous pressure on IT departments, pushing them to improve service levels, boost agility and shorten time to market. Now more than ever, there will be more happening in the hybrid world. As more organisations deploy and migrate applications to public and private clouds, there are massive opportunities to innovate. Fueled by the rise of the use of mobile, cloud and big data, applications have increased in both form and number and may be utilised by hybrid envrionments according to specific needs. The challenges of implementation and integration, as well as the selection of ideal solutions are the big issues in this hybrid world, which offers unexplored possibilities in an ever-shifting IT landscape.