Power Your Application Modernization Journey with Google Cloud and F5

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Beth McElroy
Published November 27, 2023

From fulfilling orders and servicing customers to designing products and paying employees, many of today’s organizations rely heavily on business applications to carry out day-to-day operations and generate revenue.

Overcoming Application Modernization Challenges

As organizations modernize their technology architecture with cloud computing and container and serverless infrastructure, they must ensure their upgraded applications continue to perform well while protecting against the security challenges that may arise from using these advanced capabilities.

Those challenges are exacerbated by the unique circumstances of each organization’s modernization journey and the sometimes particular and usually intricate demands each line of business places upon their applications.

To achieve their modernization goals, DevOps and security teams must strike a delicate balance between agilely building and migrating business applications and protecting their organization’s data and compliance track record. Finding that balance is no easy task. So, it’s no surprise that 79% of organizations have experienced an application modernization project failure.1

Confidently Modernize Applications with Google Cloud

Industry-leading services from Google Cloud form the foundation for developing and managing modern applications. By providing organizations with a tailored set of proven DevOps practices and open source-based application development tools, Google Cloud helps to simplify and accelerate modernization journeys by incorporating robust security and compliance into the software development lifecycle.

35% of organizations report that “lift and shift” is their first step towards application modernization.2 Google Cloud facilitates this common primary step by helping organizations intelligently and securely extract and convert traditional applications away from virtual machines into native containers.

Another 30% of organizations begin their modernization journeys by developing new applications and APIs in the cloud.3 Google Cloud empowers that modernization strategy as well with its API management platform. Organizations can build new applications with consistent API configurations and connection policies by taking an API-first development approach with Google Cloud. With complete visibility into all their APIs from the central platform provided by Google Cloud, organizations can confidently bring new applications to market faster.

Improve Application Modernization Initiatives with F5

With F5 solutions, organizations can augment and extend the native capabilities offered by Google Cloud to deploy and secure modern applications. By enhancing Google Cloud with F5, DevOps and security teams enable each line of business to stand up the services they need while providing the flexibility to choose how to best protect their applications.

To achieve this flexibility, organizations can use F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) to deliver the agile application services and robust security controls necessary to modernize their business applications. BIG-IP VE eases the burden on resource-constrained security teams by enabling application configurations and policies to be replicated, reused, and centrally managed, creating consistent and more easily managed security for both on-premises and cloud applications. By automating cloud deployments with BIG-IP VE, organizations can increase business agility while adhering to regulatory compliance obligations.

Agile DevSecOps can Streamline the Application Journey

By enhancing the Google Cloud application development platform with F5 solutions, organizations can leverage security, automation, and configuration management to agilely accelerate their application modernization journeys.

With Google Cloud and F5, DevOps teams can integrate infrastructure-as-code along with API security and management to develop and deploy adaptive applications in any cloud or container environment.

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