State of Application Strategy 2024: Solutions for Connecting and Securing Apps on AWS

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Dave Morrissey
Published May 31, 2024

Apps continue to modernize and proliferate within organizations, as research for the newly-released F5 2024 State of Application Strategy Report shows. In this post, we highlight some of the 10th annual report’s findings and discuss how AWS customers can better connect and protect their apps with F5 multicloud networking and security.

Modern apps now outnumber legacy apps

For the first time, modern apps make up more than half of the average organization’s portfolio, up notably from 29% in 2020, according to the F5 report. Legacy apps, holding on at 49%, are still common, however, as most companies maintain a hybrid portfolio.

Apps are running in more environments than ever, with 88% of organizations reporting using two or more environments and 38% using as many as six. That’s a significant usage increase over 2023, and it may explain why microservices networking was ranked as the most exciting technology trend.

Microservices networking connects container-based microservices in both north-south and east-west directions. Using a service mesh makes it easier to connect microservices securely. This is done within AWS using Amazon VPC Lattice, a managed service that discovers and safely connects microservices across multiple virtual private clouds (VPCs) and AWS accounts, as well as compute types such as Kubernetes or serverless. 

But there’s a high probability you will need to connect microservices on AWS with ones in different clouds or on premises. For this, F5 Distributed Cloud App Connect can link Amazon VPC Lattice services with apps or users outside of AWS. Amazon VPC Lattice and Distributed Cloud App Connect both offer service discovery, load balancing, visibility, and security to keep apps and services available and protected.

Multicloud still problematic

Operational complexity remains the top challenge for multicloud users. This is largely the result of each cloud provider having a proprietary toolset. Multicloud networking, the No. 3 ranked trend in the report, can reduce complexity by connecting apps across deployment environments. It has been proven to simplify and standardize how networks operate across public or private clouds, data centers, or the edge.

By employing a network mesh to connect app environments, you can use the same constructs, configurations, and consoles to operate and monitor every app location. A network mesh complements a service mesh, making distributed apps and hybrid or multicloud deployments more sustainable. This is especially helpful for migrating apps between clouds, which is regarded as the second largest multicloud challenge.

F5 Distributed Cloud Network Connect streamlines multicloud networking for simplified provisioning and consistent visibility across hybrid architectures. It facilitates connecting apps and services on AWS with those in other clouds or on premises. By unifying operations and easing the ability to insert security services, Distributed Cloud Network Connect uncomplicates multicloud operations.

APIs are on the rise

API usage is flourishing, and today, 41% of organizations manage at least as many APIs as they do apps. In fact, some reported managing more than 10,000 APIs! Each API may also have dozens or hundreds of endpoints, all of which must be protected. This requirement becomes even more critical with AI adoption, as intelligent apps depend on API calls to AI models.

While nearly all organizations surveyed use API gateways to authenticate calls, ensure valid requests, and support rate limiting, there’s yet another concern. You may have more APIs than you realize. Unmanaged shadow APIs pose a significant risk because they’re not protected. API security requires discovery to find previously unknown APIs and constantly changing endpoints.

F5 Distributed Cloud API Security makes it easier to configure, deploy, and secure APIs. It discovers APIs and endpoints mapped to your applications. Whether the APIs are on AWS, different clouds, or on premises, API security can be managed from a single console alongside other security solutions and multicloud networking. This will both safeguard your business operations and simplify your multicloud operations.

Dozens of F5 Solutions in the AWS Marketplace

The current state of application strategy reveals much about today’s multicloud challenges and solutions. With F5 multicloud networking and security services, you can connect apps on AWS with those in other clouds while enhancing security. A single management console, one-click provisioning, and continuous discovery dramatically reduce complexity. F5 offers dozens of solutions for AWS, all available in the AWS Marketplace.

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