Accelerating 5G: Strategies for a Successful Transformation

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5G is evolving rapidly. According to reports, by 2025, 18% of all mobile operators in India & SAARC would be adopting 5G. It promises a highly flexible and scalable network technology for connecting everyone and everything, everywhere and a resilient cloud-native core network with end-to-end support for network-slicing.

However, there are challenges aplenty.

  • Billions of dollars that have already been sunken in 4G networks, which essentially form the basis for 5G networks? How can 4G evolve to support 5G?
  • 5G networks will be the new target for threat actors because there are more vectors through which adversaries can attack. How to ensure its security?
  • Network slicing and use of automation provide some of the building blocks of a 5G network but how are they used when modelling threats and looking through the lens of malicious behaviour?
  • With cloud native adoption, data analytics will play a crucial role for business applications/use-cases over 5G networks. But how would organisations enable it?

F5 in partnership with DynamicCIO, invites you for a live, interactive webinar on “Accelerating 5G: Strategies for a Successful Transformation” to answer the about crucial points.

Join us at the webinar to learn about the key strategies for ensuring a successful 5G transformation.

The key highlights of the webinar will include:

Transition from 4G to 5G, Cloud Native Adoption with 5G

Intercommunication across 5G Service, Securing your 5G Infrastructure 

Visibility and analytics in 5G


Jarrod Lucia

Jarrod Lucia
Solution Architect APCJ