Automate Application Delivery with Next-Gen F5 rSeries, API-first Platform

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Managing your application services and keeping up with user expectations can be a complex and evolving job. But the new F5 rSeries platform can help scale application delivery performance and automate application services to address many of today’s most critical business challenges. F5 rSeries isn’t just a simple hardware refresh – it’s a completely rearchitected, API-first modern design to meet the needs of traditional and emerging apps.

Join us to learn how the F5 rSeries platform provides fully automatable API-first architecture, accelerated app performance with larger FPGAs, frictionless migration and flexible licensing for maximum agility, as well as advanced application protection and modern Crypto offload.

In this webinar, we’ll cover how F5 rSeries can:

Empower customers via an industry-leading suite of app services

Consolidate application delivery services

Automate deployment scalability and increase flexibility

Reduce the time-to-market


Jonathan George
Sr. Manager Product Marketing

Jim McCarron
Sr. Global Solutions Architect


Ahmed Elbornou
Sr. Product Manager