Service Provider: Virtualization, Automation for Network Transformation

Control App Services to be Agile

Join industry leader and General Manager for Service Provider at F5, James Feger, to see our approach to help Service Providers use virtualization and automation that supports app services through distributed cloud networks.

Telcos today are managing the highest volume of data traffic in history, with mobile traffic projected to grow to 131 EB/month in 2024 (74% of which will be video). Service providers must be deliberate for fast adaptation of their networks, as they are challenged by telcos and non-traditional competitors, while simultaneously transitioning to 5G.

What you will learn:

  • Key concepts for how to be more software-driven, leveraging multi-cloud strategies
  • Automation in the right places to enable changing customer needs
  • How to push edge compute as close to your customers as possible with webscaling

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