Deploying a Horizontal Telco Cloud for 5G and Edge with Red Hat and F5

The nature of 5G and edge compute architectures are forcing telecom operators to transform into IT companies. Some operators are planning to deploy different cloud platforms for their 5G core, edge computing, and private cloud needs commonly referred to as the vertical stack approach.

Another approach is a horizontal stack in which the underlying cloud platform is completely decoupled from the IT and telco workloads. In this model, the different business domains are all consumers of a shared underlying telco cloud platform.

By attending this session you will:

Learn about the benefits of a horizontal stack approach and how it applies to 5G and edge computing architectures

Find out how Red Hat OpenStack and OpenShift are the foundations of a horizontal stack

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Understand how F5 can manage and secure both IT workloads (apps) as well as telco workloads (VNF, CNF) running on top of Red Hat horizontal cloud platform

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Timo Jokiaho
Chief Technologist Global Telco Ecosystem
Red Hat

Raffaele D'Albenzio

Raffaele D'Albenzio
Manager Solutions Engineering,