F5 PartnerConnex Webinar: Client Side Defense (F5 Distributed Cloud)

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Web pages get increasingly complex every day because a lot of enterprises have started using 3rd party library scripts. Only most of the 3rd party libraries themselves depend on another set of 3rd party libraries.

Today if a web page is loaded on the end user's browser, it easily contains scripts from over 20 different organizations. Enterprises cannot keep track of all the scripts and changes that go on in their website. Attackers know this all too well and exploit this lack of surveillance by introducing malicious code into these web pages.

F5 Client-Side Defense detects when scripts in web pages deviate from their original behavior and exhibit signs of exfiltration.

CSD generates alerts on the behavior of these malicious scripts allowing enterprises to mitigate these threats in real-time.

We would be having a quiz after the session based on the presentation. Join the session and stand a chance to win an award.



Josh Goldfarb
Director, Product Management


Saurav Sharan
Senior Product Manager