Automating BIG-IP in Multi-Cloud Environments with BIG-IQ

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Automating BIG-IP in Multi-Cloud Environments with BIG-IQ

As DevOps continues to press its case inside of IT, we've seen the adoption of automation and "as code" methodologies. That includes a growing use of CI/CD tools like GitHub and Jenkins within the production pipeline. For F5, supporting infrastructure as code means maintaining support for cloud templates as well as providing for the declarative onboarding of BIG-IP in any environment.
That's what our F5 Automation Toolchain offers – a new product family that brings together key automation and orchestration components under one umbrella. This toolchain also contains Application Services 3 Extension (AS3) which enables administrators and developers to automate layer 4–7 application services.

F5 Government Solution Cloud and Automation Series

This webinar is part of the Federal Webinar Series designed as an introduction to automation and cloud strategies, the benefits to each and the impact to your organization.  This introductory series will highlight AWS, Ansible Tower, Hashicorp’s Terraform, APM, and migration of BIGIP from VE to the cloud.

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