Scaling Your App Delivery Infrastructure in Minutes not Days


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A challenge that many organisations face today is the ability to scale out their application delivery infrastructure to accommodate a short-term, unforeseen, or planned increase in traffic and users. Scaling out doesn’t have to take days or weeks, nor does it have to be a tedious time-consuming process. Automation is the key to simplifying the scaling process and making it repeatable.

In this session, you can learn how infrastructure as a code can help you seamlessly scale up your application delivery infrastructure to unparalleled levels. 

Through use cases, we’ll show how you can:

Leverage HashiCorp Terraform to deploy your app delivery infrastructure across multiple clouds

Utilise declarative API interfaces to help provision and configure your infrastructure more efficiently

Automatically configure services through service discovery



Kostas Skenderidis
Solutions Architect


Bart Salaets
Senior Director Solutions Engineering