Faced with an increasing variety of Internet threats, conventional firewalls are failing. The F5 application delivery firewall solution helps you protect corporate resources by implementing strong security services at the edge of your network.

The dynamic, full-proxy, high-performance architecture of the application delivery firewall solution provides ICSA Labs-certified, network-layer protection with a much higher connection capacity than conventional firewalls. And because it terminates SSL, it’s the first high-performance firewall at the edge of the network that can inspect traffic while monitoring the health of the data center it protects.

Deliver great site performance

Conventional firewalls simply don’t have the flexibility and speed to hold up under DDoS attacks. The F5 application delivery firewall solution allows more connections per second and scales faster and higher than any other firewall—so users get speedy site response even when you’re under attack.

Protect your web applications

Defending against network attacks is important, but 80 percent of today’s attacks are at the application layer. The F5 application delivery firewall solution protects your organization against application-based attacks—and shields your corporate brand from embarrassing and potentially costly Internet threats. You get a faster, more dynamic defense that can be adjusted on the fly.

Secure your perimeter with high-performance SSL inspection

Increase your security posture and network performance by offloading computationally intensive SSL to the F5 application delivery firewall solution. Consolidate certificates, implement tamper-resistant FIPS 140-2 Level 3 protection, and protect against SSL attacks—while gaining visibility into potential problems at the edge of your network.

Reduce expenses by consolidating

Lower costs and reduce complexity while increasing scalability and availability. The F5 application delivery firewall solution enables you to consolidate your existing authentication and authorization services at the security perimeter—all on one platform.