2024 State of Application Strategy Report

APIs are now as critical to digital businesses as apps—and even harder to protect and manage. Discover how this and other findings in our 10th annual State of Application Strategy Report will affect your organization’s future.

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  • The explosion of APIs driven by digital expansion has 41% of organizations managing at least as many APIs as apps.

  • This proliferation of APIs is driving changes in security practices, notably increasing use of API gateways—in place or coming soon for 95% of organizatons.

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Consider the implications

  • The balance has tipped—the average organization portfolio now includes more modern than traditional apps, 51% to 49%.

  • The growth of microservices supporting those modern apps made microservices networking the most exciting technology in 2024.

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  • Although multicloud challenges continue, few can give up the flexibility benefits. That’s why multicloud networking was named one of the year’s most exciting trends.

  • Hope for overcoming that complexity pushed generative AI as the #1 trend, with automation as generative AI’s most popular use.

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Consider the implications

  • Use of app delivery and security technologies has exploded, with an average overall deployment rate of 93% for each of the 30 most common app services.

  • Security as a Service (SECaaS) use is increasing, thanks to its ability to secure apps more quickly.

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A full decade of data from global IT decision makers clarifies where trends have fizzled, what’s still catching fire, and what gives hope to IT teams struggling with complexity today.

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Use the data, analysis, and predictions in the report to:



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Start with projects and practices most likely to yield strategic benefits.


Provide IT and C-level decision makers with context and data for the best decisions.


Enhance your professional development with deeper understanding of the broader IT landscape.

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