Deploying or upgrading Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint on your network can be a costly and labor-intensive process. But with F5 unified access solutions, you get a complete suite of application infrastructure technologies that secure and accelerate Exchange and SharePoint. Custom policies and profiles alleviate many of the challenges associated with deployment and help you improve application performance by 5x and reduce bandwidth consumption by 30x.

SharePoint Server 2010: Simplify deployment, improve performance

With custom-built policies and configuration objects, you can reduce deployment cycles by one-third.

And F5 solutions improve SharePoint performance across the board. With F5, you can:

  • Increase performance by 5x—including document check-in and checkout.
  • Achieve 20x to 30x reduction in bandwidth consumption for remote SharePoint users.
  • Gain more than 25 percent server capacity with SSL and compression offload.
  • Reduce data backup times by virtualizing storage endpoints.

Microsoft Exchange Server: Accelerate deployment, secure access

Accelerate and optimize Exchange deployments thanks to deep application integration, comprehensive deployment guides, F5 iApps Templates, and an extensive library of support services.

F5 also makes it easy to get the most from Exchange by helping you:

  • Achieve seamless business continuity with built-in disaster recovery and high availability.
  • Enhance regulatory compliance.
  • Deliver secure access to mobile users.
  • Extend a secure perimeter with an ICSA Labs-certified network and application firewall.