Combat Online Fraud and Increase Revenue with ForgeRock and F5

Published October 11, 2023

Online fraud has become a huge problem, with losses amounting to billions of dollars per year. Organizations have added security measures to protect accounts, applications, and data. But these tools add friction for legitimate users. You’ve probably experienced it, too—from having to input a string of numbers delivered via text message to trying to figure out if a wavy character is a 3 or a B. This friction can end up driving users away, resulting in lost revenue. Even worse, it’s often not effective against manual fraud attacks.

The Tangled Web of Manual Fraud

The majority of identity fraud reported in 2022 was either account takeover (ATO) at 60% or new account fraud at 32% (2022 Identity Theft Resource Center Trends in Identity Report). Fraudsters often take over an existing account using credentials exposed in a data breach, as stolen credentials are the top means of access (Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report). Each subsequent breach leads to more credential and data theft. Fraudsters gather these pieces of poached information to build their traps, using social engineering to gain access to accounts or commit new account fraud with verifiable data.

F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection defends against manual fraud by monitoring every transaction for risky behavior—detecting up to five times more fraud per month than other solutions. Combining machine learning, AI, and human expertise allows F5 to understand user intent for more accurate manual fraud detection. This high-fidelity, real-time analysis quickly stops ATO fraud that can cause billions of dollars in global revenue losses.

Ineffective Account Security Frustrates Users

Every month, 59% of internet users give up accessing an online service because they can’t remember their password (Deloitte, Password-less authentication: The next frontier in security). Short session times are common to reduce risk, but they require repeated logins. And if those logins are accompanied by multi-factor authentication (MFA) or CAPTCHA, the process is even slower. Customers may decide to leave the website without completing their transaction.

F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence streamlines logins for known users. This allows trusted customers to skip the login process, see personalized content, and enjoy prolonged browsing sessions (aka session extension), which in turn generates more successful transactions. F5’s machine learning trained on real-world traffic validates trusted users, even multiple users on the same device, while blocking malicious actors. This creates a better user experience for increased customer loyalty.

Deliver Frictionless, Secure Digital Services with F5 and ForgeRock

As a leading end-to-end AI-driven platform that is purpose-built for all identities and any environment, ForgeRock is used by more than 1,300 organizations to orchestrate, manage, and secure their identity lifecycles. Thanks to the new F5 Distributed Cloud Services connector for ForgeRock’s Access Management (CIAM) customers, reducing risk and stopping fraud without friction is now easier than ever.

The F5-ForgeRock connector, also referred to as F5 Auth Tree Nodes, lets you build an authentication tree with custom nodes for a seamless experience. By integrating with key authentication flows, Distributed Cloud Account Protection and Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence monitor user requests in ForgeRock’s CIAM from account creation to transactions. F5 continuously analyzes ForgeRock traffic flows to discern good human traffic from malicious actors, so you can slash fraud and abuse while growing your business and maintaining a stellar reputation.

This approach enables you to reduce the complexity of deploying integrated solutions from months to days. It also lowers the total cost of operations (TCO) by consolidating multiple networking/security services into a unified solution. Together, F5 and ForgeRock provide customers with decision safety through certified integrations endorsed by both vendors; faster, easier, and cheaper deployments; and an accelerated path to ROI.

Create a Better Experience for Your Customers with F5 and ForgeRock

To learn more about how F5 Distributed Cloud Services protect your business without adding friction, visit, read the solution overview, or download the integration from ForgeRock Backstage.


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