API-as-a-Service: How an Internal API Cloud Can Accelerate Digital Transformation

AUGUST 6, 2020

1:00 – 2:15 pm EST
Virtual Event

In our digital world, customers expect a compelling, reliable digital experience and partners want frictionless integration with your services. One of the most critical underpinnings to digital success is the application programming interface (API). APIs are the common currency for transacting in the digital world. API traffic now constitutes 83% of the world’s internet traffic and 70% of organizations have invested in API management.

Are your API management capabilities keeping pace? Cutting edge companies are building out “API-as-a-Service”. Essentially, a secure API management cloud – either private, public, or hybrid – that empowers app teams to consume API capabilities. This webinar will provide real-life insight into one of the largest financial services companies building such a platform, and answer questions you have for NGINX’s API experts.


Rob Whitely, Chief Marketing Officer, NGINX
Frank Zhu, Customer Success Solutions Manager