GBI Digital Boardroom – West

JUNE 11, 2020

Virtual Event

The evening will bring together the Information Security community to create a world-class, executive driven academic platform to help attendees make the right decisions for their organizations. This gathering will discuss the top trends taking place not in the future but right now and how professionals can better utilise technology, process, and leadership to gain a competitive advantage. The gathering features over 20 professionals creating a dynamic, agile mix of thought leadership and best practice strategies.

Speaker: Smriti Jaggi, Threat Intelligence Analyst
Session Title: Defeat Application Fraud and Improve User Experience

The current pandemic has been a forcing function for the acceleration of digital transformation of organizations across all industries. Managing load on infrastructure, securing the online experience, reducing user friction and improving conversion rates have been brought to the forefront of business priorities.

Credential Stuffing aimed at account takeover and other brute force attacks drive fraud and abuse that results in more than $40B of hard losses every year, and up to three times that much in total costs. With the mass adoption of digital platforms we are currently experiencing, those numbers are only going to go up. Fraudsters and thieves are weaponizing each new data breach with these attacks. Their automation is working against the recent reductions in user friction that businesses have worked so hard to achieve. 

This presentation will help you understand how to:

  • Defeat fraud - how to separate fake users from your real customers
  • Reduce friction and improve customers experience
  • Increase digital engagement and improve conversion rates