Your users want to use their own mobile devices. In fact, they demand it. And as they use these devices to access corporate resources, the security of your organization can be compromised.

Unified access solutions from F5 make it easy to implement and control bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies for mobile and remote users. Give your users fast and secure access to the enterprise applications and data they need while staying in full control of your network.

Deliver seamless access from any device

Use F5 solutions to provide faster and more secure access to applications from corporate desktops and mobile devices. Full VPN access allows your BYOD mobile users to run supported apps such as RDP, SSH, Citrix, VMware View, VoIP/ SIP, and other enterprise apps.

Stay in control of your network

Ensure that BYOD users get access to what they need—and not what they don’t—with comprehensive access control functionality from F5. You can create secure, granular access control policies on an individual or group basis, giving you control while simplifying management.

Complement your VDI deployment

Manage and accelerate network traffic, boost performance, and centralize access and security policies without making changes to your existing delivery infrastructure. F5 makes it easy to optimize your VDI by supporting the leading solutions, including Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View, and Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Provide secure portal access

Increase productivity—securely—by delivering portal access to internal web apps such as intranet sites, wikis, and Microsoft SharePoint. You can use this as a launch pad to allow mobile access to specific web resources without risking full network access connections from unmanaged, unknown devices. You can also grant secure mobile access to web-based resources.