F5 Service Provider Solutions

Get the Edge: Multi-Access, Multi-Service, Multi-Cloud

Distributed networks—virtualized across hybrid cloud environments with content nearer to the end user—are critical for traffic volumes, speed, and reduced latency.

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F5 enables network transformation that supports and orchestrates agile, modern applications with the widest range of edge distributed, virtualized network functions and applications. We also offer automated, zero-touch, and app-centric service delivery—virtual or in containers for fast and secure performance from core to edge. 

Get the edge with F5’s multi-access solutions, multi-service network functions delivery and application services, and multi-cloud solutions.

Take steps toward your network transformation

Expedite your transition to 5G

F5 gives you the tools to begin the transition to 5G today—wherever you are on your journey. We help you scale, optimize, and secure your current network to meet 5G’s latency, high-throughput, and increased traffic demands. Scale and simplify your existing networks—and evolve to 5G—with automated, high-performance, virtualized solutions. 

F5 solutions can help you:

  • Enable and speed up the time-to-market of new, compelling, and differentiated 5G services to your customers.
  • Migrate to NFV infrastructure with F5’s broad range of Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and NFV packaged solutions. 
  • Simplify your core network architecture and operations and reduce costs with F5’s unique integration of Gi-LAN/N6 services into a standardized virtualized platform. 

Realize 5G with a cloud-native architecture

Your network needs to deliver differentiated applications to your customers, faster. Cloud-native solutions are essential for the transition to 5G.

With automated, app-centric service delivery, your network can instantaneously adapt or be programmed to the demands of the applications running on top of it, optimizing overall network performance, providing a better end-user experience.

F5 solutions can help you:

Secure at every layer, anywhere

There are more threats than ever targeting your network and edge services. Protect your services infrastructure with F5’s integrated multi-layer security platform. Regardless of your service delivery architecture, F5 secures legacy and modern applications from core to edge—and even into your Kubernetes clusters, with service mesh.

F5 solutions can help you:

  • Ensure no compromise between performance and security with scalable, fast protection of network resources and edge applications.
  • Implement infrastructure, protocol, and application protection with flexible consumption options to align to business needs and simplify operation.
  • Automate deployment of virtualized security for fast, reliable infrastructure build-out.

Build Your Future-Ready Infrastructure

How F5 can help

Solving security, performance, and availability challenges will keep you relevant to customers and ahead of competitors. F5 offers solutions to address wired and wireless network challenges, both ongoing and on the horizon.

Edge Compute

Content needs to be nearer to the end user, enabling higher traffic volumes, increased speed of delivery, and reduced latency.  F5 enables this through distributed network functions and applications and automated app-centric service delivery.  


5G is coming, and your network has to be ready. F5 can help you optimize your next generation network to meet the demands of your customers, in both the traffic they generate and the devices they connect.


Maintain trust and ensure compliance with carrier-grade security services. Protect customer data while providing a reliable, available network experience.


Manage Diameter, SIP, GTP, and DNS signaling, to enable scalability, support rapid rollout of new services and manage growth.

Consolidate and Virtualize S/Gi-LAN/N6 Services

Consolidating and virtualizing your S/Gi-LAN/N6 services can result in up to 60% reduction in CapEx and OpEx—while boosting performance and lowering latency.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Virtualize your network to help you scale operations, increase agility, and improve speed of service deployments.

Data Traffic Management

From the increase in video traffic to the wide-spread adoption of IoT devices, F5 traffic management services help your network keep up with increased customer demands. 

Technical Services

F5’s Service Provider Essentials technical services program provides specialized support designed for the unique challenges faced by our service provider customers.


F5 Handbook for Service Providers


Equipment deployed in a provider network needs to be safe, reliable, and easy to deploy. Critical F5 service provider products are Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) compliant. The NEBS standards in GR-63 (minimum spatial and environmental criteria) and GR-1089 (Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety) provide uniform criteria for equipment design intended to reduce the cost of deployment and maintain reliability of the network, even in extreme conditions. These standards are why telephones work after an extreme event, like an earthquake or a severe thunderstorm. NEBS requirements are utilized all over the world for a host of commercial, utility, and defense applications.


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4 out of 5 organizations are executing on digital transformation–with an emphasis on accelerating speed to market.

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