F5 Service Provider Solutions

Monetize, optimize, and secure your network.

F5 offers carrier-grade solutions that help you meet customer demands for network performance and reliability while improving your bottom line.

3 ways to stay competitive.

Reduce TCO

Long-term survival requires you to build sustainable profitability in with your network investments. Equally important are services that improve operational efficiency, network performance, and the customer experience. Getting these wrong is not an option—your competitors are advancing and your customers are fickle.

F5 solutions can help you:

  • Consolidate network operations.
  • Apply the right network solution for each place in the network.
  • Optimize, orchestrate, and manage your network. 
  • Architect, implement, and maintain your IT infrastructure.
  • Adopt automation to drive improved operational efficiency.

Monetize services

While it’s great that connectivity is ubiquitous, that also means subscriber growth has flattened out. Combined with demands to deliver reliable, secure performance across all existing and projected services, you must find new ways to remain competitive. Revenue growth will have to come through new service offerings and differentiated features.

F5 solutions can help you:

  • Simplify and speed changes and upgrades to services.
  • Deploy revenue-generating managed services.
  • Integrate sophisticated traffic management.

Enhance security

In the face of growing malware, DDoS, and other intrusive attacks, ensuring connectivity and data are protected is paramount to your operations. Customers are increasingly aware of and sensitive to companies falling victim to such attacks, therefore, trust goes hand in hand with reliably protected data and unencumbered network availability.

F5 solutions can help you:

  • Deliver consistent and comprehensive security capabilities at every level of your network.
  • Protect against security vulnerabilities linked to the rapid growth of IoT and other devices.
  • Fortify subscriber trust in your network via best-in-class network and application security.

Build Your Future-Ready Infrastructure

How F5 can help.

Solving security, performance, and availability challenges will keep you relevant to customers and ahead of competitors. F5 offers solutions to address wired and wireless network challenges, both ongoing and on the horizon.


5G is coming, and your network has to be ready. F5 can help you optimize your next generation network to meet the demands of your customers, in both the traffic they generate and the devices they connect.


Maintain trust and ensure compliance with carrier-grade security services. Protect customer data while providing a reliable, available network experience.


Manage Diameter, SIP, GTP, and DNS signaling, to enable scalability, support rapid rollout of new services and manage growth.

Fixed Line/Cable

The wired landscape has changed significantly, especially with the explosion of streaming services. Customers expect interrupted connectivity—F5 services can help you deliver.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Virtualize your network to help you scale operations, increase agility, and improve speed of service deployments.

Data Traffic Management

From the increase in video traffic to the wide-spread adoption of IoT devices, F5 traffic management services help your network keep up with increased customer demands. 

Technical Services

F5’s Service Provider Essentials technical services program provides specialized support designed for the unique challenges faced by our service provider customers.


F5 Handbook for Service Providers 2018

F5 and NEBS compliance.

Equipment deployed in a provider network needs to be safe, reliable, and easy to deploy. Critical F5 service provider products are Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) compliant. The NEBS standards in GR-63 (minimum spatial and environmental criteria) and GR-1089 (Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety) provide uniform criteria for equipment design intended to reduce the cost of deployment and maintain reliability of the network, even in extreme conditions. These standards are why telephones work after an extreme event, like an earthquake or a severe thunderstorm. NEBS requirements are utilized all over the world for a host of commercial, utility, and defense applications.

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