Healthcare Cybersecurity, Fraud Detection, and PHI Protection

Stop healthcare fraud with application security that blocks bad bots to prevent account takeover while reducing customer friction.

Why Security and Fraud Defenses are Critical for Healthcare

The pace of healthcare’s digital revolution has dramatically accelerated, ushering in a new era of virtual care delivery. Supporting telehealth services and the business side of healthcare requires digital payments through online portal accounts and the transfer of protected health information (PHI) over digital channels and health data aggregators. Unfortunately, this expansion has opened the flood gates for cyberattacks that lead to even more healthcare fraud. It’s time to look at healthcare fraud through a security lens.

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How F5 Can Help

Healthcare IT and SecOps can stop most fraud downstream before it happens by detecting and removing automated bots and human attackers. This enables fraud investigators to focus on high-value, upstream fraud investigations instead of false positives, reducing the economic impact of all types of fraud on the organization.

  • F5 is deployed in 12 of the top 20 U.S. hospitals.
  • F5 detects and mitigates 1 billion automated attacks per day.
  • F5 protects 150 million legitimate human logins per day.
  •  F5 is deployed on 200 million mobile devices worldwide.
  • With applications the #1 attack target, F5 powers over half of the world's applications across all types of environments.

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Shape Online fraud protection

Dan Woods

Global Head of intelligence for F5 and former FBI Special Agent and CIA Cyber-Operations Officer

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Bot Management Solutions

Protect your organization from malicious bots while maintaining access to good bots that help your healthcare business.

Bots automate repetitive tasks, raise brand awareness, and engage users early in their digital journey. But in the wrong hands, bots and automation are powerful tools that can be used to compromise user accounts, resulting in account takeover and fraud. The way to counteract automated and malicious bot attacks is through a sophisticated bot management solution—one that uses machine learning to adapt to attackers’ tactics as they evolve.

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Online Fraud Prevention

Account takeover is growing at an alarming pace in healthcare.

A healthcare system can’t function without portals and applications to provide services, perform diagnostics, run the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), and transfer payments with integrity. These applications must be readily protected to keep the healthcare system safe and secure, while providing ease of use for all the stakeholders using the systems and apps they rely on to deliver care. But systems are under attack with every payor, provider, and patient as potential victims of the attack lifecycle.

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Access and Authorization

Knowing your online traffic, you can reduce friction for legitimate patients and other users.

Like many industries, healthcare organizations typically use multiple methods to verify users are who they say they are—and legitimate users are put through the paces to prove it. This creates friction at the login transaction, leading to frustration and possible abandonment of service. As the traffic volume of your applications rises, so does the friction to catch malicious attacks. But there are ways to provide a frictionless experience.

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