Ecommerce Fraud Detection and Protection Services

As business has shifted online, reliance on digital transactions has exposed new security risks. Protect your customers—and your bottom line—with F5.

How F5 Can Detect Ecommerce Fraud and Deliver Seamless Transactions in the Digital Economy

Businesses have rapidly transformed to streamline digital customer journeys, meet the demand for online transactions, and support a remote retail workforce. And so are cybercriminals—committing e-commerce fraud, leading to negative customer experiences, account takeover (ATO), bottom-line and topline losses, and damaged brand reputation. Every week, F5 protects over four billion online transactions from automated and manual attacks for the world’s largest companies. Our highly effective security and anti-fraud solutions continuously adapt to online attackers without inconveniencing customers in their online purchases. We help bridge the gap between your security and fraud teams to fight retail fraud, preserve your reputation, minimize your losses, and ease friction for your customers and employees.

Bot Management

For your retail business, bots can automate repetitive tasks, raise brand awareness, and engage users early in their digital journey. But in the wrong hands, bots and automation are powerful tools that can be used to compromise online user accounts—resulting in account takeover and fraud. The way to counteract automated malicious bot attacks and make your e-commerce business more resilient is through a sophisticated bot detection solution—one that’s also automated and uses machine learning to adapt to attackers’ tactics as they evolve.

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