Ecommerce Fraud Detection and Protection Services

As business has shifted online, reliance on digital transactions has exposed new security risks. Protect your customers—and your bottom line—with F5.

Why Ecommerce Cybersecurity and Anti-Fraud Solutions Are Critical

Businesses have rapidly transformed to streamline digital customer journeys, meet the demand for online transactions, and support a remote retail workforce. Payments and revenue collection, customer loyalty programs, and brand awareness initiatives are now primarily digital. And so are cybercriminals—committing e-commerce fraud, leading to negative customer experiences, account takeover (ATO), bottom-line and topline losses, and damaged brand reputation.

Credential stuffing, automated bot attacks, and human attacks, can seriously impact ecommerce businesses if they don’t have counter-defensive, anti-fraud security to protect assets and customers.

How F5 Can Detect Retail Fraud and Deliver Seamless Transactions in the Digital Economy

Every week, F5 protects over four billion online transactions from automated and manual attacks for the world’s largest companies. Our highly effective security and anti-fraud solutions continuously adapt to online attackers without inconveniencing customers in their online purchases. We help bridge the gap between your security and fraud teams to fight retail fraud, preserve your reputation, minimize your losses, and ease friction for your customers and employees.

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Online Fraud Prevention

Protect yourself against account takeover leading to fraud, which is growing at an alarming pace across all ecommerce businesses.

A business with online access and services can’t function without portals and applications to increase topline revenue and maintain operations for legitimate users. But without the right security defenses, ecommerce applications and APIs can open the door to large-scale fraud.   By mitigating malicious bots and automated or human attacks to prevent account takeover, our integrated platform solution safeguards your online transactions while bringing security and fraud teams together to stop retail fraudsters in their tracks. With F5 fraud prevention,  your online customers have a better experience, bot management is simplified, and losses are reduced.

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Bot Management

Defend against malicious bots while maintaining access for good bots that help your ecommerce business.

For your retail business, bots can automate repetitive tasks, raise brand awareness, and engage users early in their digital journey. But in the wrong hands, bots and automation are powerful tools that can be used to compromise online user accounts—resulting in account takeover and fraud.   The way to counteract automated malicious bot attacks and make your e-commerce business more resilient is through a sophisticated bot detection solution—one that’s also automated and uses machine learning to adapt to attackers’ tactics as they evolve.

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Access and Authorization

Reduce friction for legitimate customers and users by understanding and managing your online traffic.

To ensure digital services aren’t affected by fraudulent transactions, e-commerce businesses apply multiple methods to verify that users are who they say they are. And for those who are, they’re put through the paces to prove it. This can create friction at the login transaction—leading to frustration and possible abandonment of a sale.   As the traffic volume of your retail applications rises, providing frictionless experiences is paramount. Authenticating the identities of your customers in a simple and fast way can be the lifeline of your business. F5 has developed best practices for secure access solutions to meet the needs of our e-commerce customers.

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