IBM Lotus iNotes (BIG-IP v11, v10: LTM)

This F5 deployment guide shows you how to configure the BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) for a highly available and easily scalable iNotes deployment. The BIG-IP LTM provides users with a seamless failover experience. The user never realizes if the original server with which they were interacting is no longer available; rather, the BIG-IP seamlessly detects any failure and sends the request on to an available server.

The following simple diagram shows the BIG-IP system managing traffic to the iNotes clients and the iNotes Domino servers as described in this deployment guide. The BIG-IP provides server load balancing, high availability, server health monitoring, and SSL offload services. Additionally, the BIG-IP provides TCP and HTTP protocol optimizations, enabling a superior user experience.