Leveraging Application Services to Enhance and Secure Application Capital


Applications are the currency of the digital economy and their deployments are exploding, bolstered by a bevy of developers enjoying the freedom of chaotic innovation. That innovation, while necessary for digital transformation, needs support from consistent application services regardless of environment. Join us to explore this transforming world of applications with insight from our annual State of Application Services report and learn how F5’s application services can help you enhance and secure your application capital.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Why applications are the currency of the digital economy and are the key to digital transformation and business value
  • How multi-cloud application services can enhance and secure your application capital
  • Why chaotic innovation can help you on your digital transformation journey
  • How other large enterprises are capitalizing on cloud in support of digital transformation


Samuel Barnett

Samuel Barnett
Principal Individual Contributor & Executive Thought Partner Application Services
F5 Networks

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