FiberCorp Helps Customers Digitally Transform with a Virtualized F5 Solution

Telecommunications service provider FiberCorp needed to replace its application delivery service platform with a virtualization component to help its clients digitally transform. An F5 Networks solution made it possible for FiberCorp to offer customers different proposals for virtualized infrastructure, such as servers and data centers, which allow the management optimization of large volumes of data. 

Business Challenges

FiberCorp is one of the main telecommunication services providers for Argentine companies and has a large fiber optic network that is present in more than 80 cities across 12 provinces. Companies of all sizes, businesses, professionals and governmental organizations contract FiberCorp services for connectivity (fiber optics and cable modem), cloud, video and media and data centers.

FiberCorp clients are looking to digitally transform their businesses through cloud applications and virtual data centers, which allows them to better manage large amounts of information and have a more complex technological infrastructure. F5’s solutions enabled FiberCorp to respond to customer demand with innovative value-added services that have helped it successfully and seamlessly transition to a digital business model.


FiberCorp was seeking a vendor that not only prioritized innovation in its solutions, but one that could also easily and securely adapt to the evolving technological landscape. During the selection process, FiberCorp also sought a vendor who had successfully made the shift to the virtual world, as the company recognized the role virtualization plays in helping companies move from a traditional to a digital business model. Since its association with F5, FiberCorp has achieved several important goals, integrating innovative technology to offer the best solutions to its customers.

FiberCorp’s final decision was also influenced by its strong association and compatibility with provider VMware, from which FiberCorp uses several solutions. By maintaining an ecosystem involving other innovative brands, FiberCorp is ensuring improved implementation for its customers. “Virtualization, security and an open ecosystem, allowing interaction between technologies from different suppliers, are what led us to choose F5, as these represent the kinds of added-value offerings we seek to provide the more than 44,000 customers who choose FiberCorp’s telecommunications services to support their digital business,” said Castro Cao.


F5’s application delivery service platform enables speedy implementation and a user-friendly experience. A system of application distribution services operates jointly within this platform, including the DNS module (formerly GTM), which allows FiberCorp to dynamically distribute traffic across two of its data centers located in the south and north of Buenos Aires. F5’s DNS system, which uses load-balancing algorithms to monitor, control and distribute network traffic patterns, provides global server load balancing (GSLB), a technology that selects the best available resources for traffic distribution using a static or dynamic load balancing method. With this, FiberCorp avoids downtime and protects its infrastructure while distributing traffic through its data centers scattered across the Argentine capital. The solutions help FiberCorp meet customers’ growing demand as these are key factors that contribute to companies’ smooth transition into digital business models. 

Cuts implementation time; Increases efficiency in day-to-day operations

Now, FiberCorp customers can order an application delivery service in no more than 10 minutes, a purchase that previously required a lengthy consultation process before the project implementation could even begin. Customers can begin using virtual data center services with automated balancing solutions in a matter of minutes as well. The virtualization component F5’s solution provides significantly helped reduce implementation time and increase efficiency in day-to-day operations, providing FiberCorp customers with unmatched speed and installation availability.

Provides simplified user experience

FiberCorp offers a unique service portal where customers can purchase only the solutions they need. The virtualization F5’s solutions enabled allows customers to request a service online, purchase it through the service portal and automatically install it, providing a convenient and carefree purchasing experience.

Not only does F5’s application delivery service platform allow both physical and virtual environments, catering to customers’ varying preferences, but it also simplifies the shift from one to the other. F5 has allowed FiberCorp to offer application delivery services in a virtual environment, only requiring customers to install a balancer with F5 software.

Maximizes virtualization; provides security layers

Over the past several years, FiberCorp has considered shifting to a software focus rather than one centered on physical installations, and F5’s solutions have played an important role in providing virtual offerings and services in line with the changing business requirements. “F5’s virtual application delivery solutions are important to our customers because, up until now, if they wanted to balance, they had to complete a physical installation,” said Castro Cao. Implementations are now simpler, more automated and more beneficial for FiberCorp customers looking to compete in the digital economy and move toward cloud migration.

Moreover, F5’s solutions come with important security features that help FiberCorp ensure it is protected against latent threats and risks. With a constantly expanding attack surface, the robust protection of business-critical web applications and servers has never been as important as it is today. For this reason, FiberCorp implemented an F5 web application firewall (WAF) to safeguard its data, mitigate vulnerabilities and quickly stop application threats while protecting against those that are in development. “Although the F5 solutions we are using have solid security features, we are considering using F5 to further enhance our security by adding additional layers,” stated Castro Cao. Security is a crucial aspect that cannot be neglected when serving corporate clients.

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  • Excessive installation and implementation times
  • Lack of virtualization
  • No load balancing solution in place

  • Reduces installation time to less than 10 minutes
  • Provides secure virtual data centers and services
  • Replaces former application delivery service platform