Optimize and Secure Your Container-based Apps with F5


Application developers have embraced containers and microservices for a variety of reasons, including portability, scalability, and increased efficiency of the development and deployment lifecycle. But scalability, security, automation, and performance of containerized applications is often insufficient. For example, application-layer attacks including hacks, bots, and data exfiltration are real threats to the integrity of your customer and operational data—and containers provide more points of entry. Native services available within container platforms such as Kubernetes and Openshift lack robust features like web application firewalls and protocol gateways needed to secure and optimize enterprise applications. And in our fast-paced world, the reality is that faced with a choice between deployment velocity and security, speed-to-market often wins—despite the risk.

What’s the solution? Companies must deploy robust app security, availability, and performance services within container environments that integrate seamlessly with container management platforms and CI/CD pipelines.

At F5, we’ve developed a powerful application services platform that integrates with your container management solution to deliver robust application security and performance. In this webinar we'll show you:

  • The basics of containers and Kubernetes.
  • How to apply advanced network services such as sophisticated load balancing and web application firewalls to container-based apps.
  • How F5’s open-source Container Ingress Services create a bridge between container-based apps and your F5 BIG-IP.


Optimize and Secure Your Container-Based Apps with F5 webinar

Daniel Schrader

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Automation and Orchestration

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