10 Questions to ask a Bot Mitigation Vendor

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Bots and automated attacks can cause fraud and operational complexity. Businesses need to understand how best to battle these threats while improving customer conversion and revenue.

See how bot mitigation can provide a critical component of a comprehensive strategy to stop automated fraud, prevent account takeover (ATO), and preserve the customer experience to maximize revenue potential. Learn the 10 questions to ask prospective bot mitigation vendors to ensure that your business succeeds in the new digital world.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

Why bot mitigation vendors should be evaluated on strategic business outcomes beyond security effectiveness, including the ability to reduce fraud losses and improve the customer experience

How motivated cybercriminals evolve their attacks from simple credential stuffing to more advanced automation using Browser Automation Studioo

How F5 Shape solutions maintain resilience and effectiveness no matter how attackers retool to bypass security countermeasures


Byron McNaught
Security Solutions Marketing

Rob Roj
Sr. Global Solutions Architect