F5 Distributed Cloud DNS Load Balancer

Ensure high availability and robust app performance in the cloud

Simplify cloud-based DNS management and load balancing and get disaster recovery to ease the burden on your operations and development teams.

Powerful DNS with Load Balancing and Disaster Recovery

F5’s cloud-based, intelligent DNS with global server load balancing (GSLB) efficiently directs application traffic across environments globally, performs health checks, and automates responses to activities and events to maintain high performance among apps.

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Most on-premises DNS solutions don’t scale nearly enough to support today’s flourishing number of applications and burgeoning application footprints.


Time-consuming to deploy

Traditional load balancing can be laborious for organizations to set up and scale to support all applications—especially those running in cloud or edge locations.


Difficult to integrate

Maintaining load balancing functionality for modern apps is burdensome and not easy to integrate into CI/CD pipelines and critical development workflows.


Lack of reliability

Organizations with more complex environments—distributed apps and workloads, numerous locations and endpoints—struggle to deliver reliable app experiences and performance.

No redundancy

Traditional DNS lacks zero-touch failover and the ability to dynamically fail applications over to designated or available instances.

Why F5 Distributed Cloud DNS Load Balancer?

Speed and simplicity

Seamlessly integrate into critical development workstreams and DevOps pipelines, allowing for configuring of critical DNS load balancing services in just a few clicks.

Flexibility and scale

Leverage global auto-scaling to keep up with demand as applications increase, traffic patterns change, and request volume skyrockets. Adjust load-balancing policies in real time, publish new apps almost instantaneously, and pay only for what you use.

Best-in-class security

Get built-in protection for web applications and APIs, including web application firewall (WAF), DDoS mitigation, API security, and bot protection.

Disaster recovery

Automatically detect primary site failures, get zero-touch failover, and dynamically fail applications over to your recovery-designated or available instances.

Key Capabilities

DevOps-friendly F5 Distributed Cloud DNS Load Balancer delivers the high performance, security, and global resiliency for apps—across clouds, geographies, and availability zones—that is expected by users in today's demanding environment.

Global Location-Based Routing

With the global anycast network, clients can be directed to the nearest application instance with geolocation-based load balancing for the best user experience.

Intelligent Load Balancing for Improved Uptime

Direct application traffic across environments, perform health checks, and automate responses to keep apps performing well. Get fully automated disaster recovery.

Intuitive Interface with APIs

Manage services in an intuitive user interface or automate everything with declarative APIs.

ADC Telemetry

Track performance, application health, and usage with basic visualization.

Layers of Security

Comprehensive app security with automatic failover plus WAF, DDoS mitigation, API security, and bot defense.


Deploy and secure applications anywhere. Built on a global data plane to enable deployment and management of DNS, global server load balancing, and app protection, regardless of where your apps are located.

Utility-Based Pricing

Pay only for what you need. Pricing is based on the number of load balancer records. Free tier is available.

Experience and Support

99.9% service guarantees with premium 24x7 technical support.

F5 Distributed Cloud DNS Load Balancer Use Cases

Application Load Balancing

Leverage an expertly engineered global load balancing platform on infrastructure that ensures fast performance. The DNS is fully configurable via APIs, with DDoS protection and no appliances to manage.

Geo-Location Load Balancing

Direct traffic to the nearest application instance and/or route traffic for GDPR compliancy. Split loads across compute instances. Detect failed or degraded resources instances and reroute clients.

Disaster Recovery
Maintain high availability with disaster recovery. Automatically detect primary site failures, get zero-touch failover, and dynamically fail applications over to designated or available instances.

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