F5 Distributed Cloud Data Intelligence

Leverage proprietary and enriched telemetry to more accurately detect and mitigate fraud.

Improve Your Fraud Detection Capabilities with F5 Data Intelligence


Leverage behavioral biometrics to gain user insights

F5 Distributed Cloud Data Intelligence provides digital identity risk insights based on how users interact with the application and analyzes digital behaviors like mouse movements, keyboard usage patterns, and pasting to help customers identify potential fraud.

  • Multi-Dimensional View Distributed Cloud Data Intelligence delivers actionable insights, derived through visibility across the enterprise, making it possible to pinpoint and mitigate manual fraud in real time.


Access high accuracy data with F5’s JavaScript obfuscation

Proprietary features are only useful if they can be secured against reverse engineering by the most sophisticated fraudsters in the world. In the decades spent battling automated attacks in real time, F5 has developed the most powerful JavaScript (JS) obfuscation technology in the industry. By safeguarding our signals, we ensure Distributed Cloud Data Intelligence delivers only high quality data that can easily be integrated into existing fraud ecosystems for more informed and accurate fraud detection and mitigation decisions.

Product Overview

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Unmask more fraud with rich data intelligence

Distributed Cloud Data Intelligence is a cloud-based curated data service that provides high-fidelity user behavior, device, and network information to allow for more informed fraud detection and mitigation. A JavaScript tag collects client signals and securely communicates with a real-time data processing engine to create and deliver the data to the customers. Distributed Cloud Data Intelligence is used to enhance and enrich existing fraud ecosystems to allow customers to make more informed decisions to reduce risk and fraud losses.

Core Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate Distributed Cloud Data Intelligence with your existing fraud and security ecosystem, existing processes and procedures, and existing staff skill sets. Empower all stakeholders with high-fidelity, actionable intelligence to better detect and mitigate fraud.

Augment existing fraud ecosystems with rich telemetry signals to reduce risk and fraud losses. Actionable and contextualized user behavior, device, and network intelligence helps to unmask more fraud.

A multidimensional view of digital identity risk across the entire customer journey allows security and fraud teams to advance their data science journey.

F5’s JavaScript obfuscation technology defends against reverse engineering by even the most sophisticated fraudsters – ensuring high accuracy of signal data collection and better detection.

Coupled with existing fraud detection systems and tools, Data Intelligence enables organizations to differentiate legitimates users from illegitimate users to increase fraud detection capabilities.

Integrate Distributed Cloud Data Intelligence seamlessly by deploying a lightweight JS bundle across all web pages. Flexible data consumption/ingestions models: files, API and streaming.




This DevCentral article introduces F5 Distributed Cloud fraud and risk solutions in a multi-method approach to showcase how F5 secures organizations against fraud.

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