F5 Bot Defense

Simplify Your Bot Protection Strategy With F5 Integrated Bot Defense

F5 Integrated Bot Defense provides an easy to consume bot mitigation solution that easily integrates into your existing application stack without requiring significant changes to how your application already operates. Some highlights of the service include:

  • Zero deployment footprint means simplicity and lower-costs – no additional local physical or virtual hardware or software is required. You can deploy F5 Integrated Bot Defense by connecting what’s already in your application environment to a highly-scalable cloud-hosted service.
  • Easy onboarding and configuration keeps you in the driver’s seat – self-service onboarding and configuration enables you to quickly add protection to new applications while you control which parts of your application are protected and how you want to respond to unwanted automation when it is identified.
  • Nothing to patch or update means minimal operational costs – the F5 Integrated Bot Defense cloud service is monitored, maintained and automatically updated by the best anti-automation experts in the industry so you can focus less on bots and more on optimizing application experiences for real human users.

For existing BIG-IP customers, F5 Integrated Bot Defense is compatible with BIG-IP versions 12.x and later—which means no firmware update required. F5 Integrated Bot Defense also supports several other integration options targeting other insertion points commonly found in many application architectures—with more and more becoming available all the time!


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