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V.le O. Belluzzi 57
00128 Rome, Italy

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Installation Provider
Application Security Provider
Advanced Implementation Provider
Advanced Security Provider


Aditinet is a primary system integrator and professional services organization, with offices in Italy, focusing on security and infrastructure solutions, performance, and control.

Enterprises find Aditinet a natural partner in optimizing their investments and speeding up the time to market of their initiatives. When it comes to F5 skill set, Aditinet hold broad experience in all components of modern IT, from traditional network infrastructure to modern software-defined architectures, from application handling to IT assets protection.   

F5 named Aditinet as “EMEA 2015 Service Partner of the Year”.

Delivery excellence

Aditinet was founded and thrive with a technical mindset and today our large F5-certified staff deploy critical multi-vendor environments, assuring every day peace of mind to our clients while enabling them to be on time with their business initiatives.

Transfer of knowledge to our clients

To provide the most complete F5 solution and service portfolio, Aditinet invest massively in training, certifications and run a complete internal lab, all of this in order to be beneficial for our highly-demanding customers, ranging from the largest enterprises to public sector (including national mission-critical utilities). 

Get the most out of F5

Looking at F5’s breath of features, often not exploited in full beyond traffic management, Aditinet enable clients to leverage their F5 full potential, deploying the long-standing experience and skills of Aditinet’s F5 certified staff and helping enterprises to implement high level of multi-tier security and agility.

Full service set

Aditinet has one of the largest number of F5 specialists, who help clients in designing and delivering comprehensive F5 technology solutions, in consulting on security threat prevention and mitigation, and in running a proven Network and Security Operation Center.

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Joining the Guardian program is the natural evolution for our organization in delivering the best solutions through the best people trained to help our clients across the whole spectrum of needs and challenges the new IT is requiring.