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Controlware GmbH

Waldstr. 92
D-63128 Dietzenbach
Tel.: +49 6074 858-0

Authorization Tier

Installation Provider

Controlware is one of Germany’s leading, independent systems integrators and managed service providers. Founded in 1980, they develop, implement, and operate challenging IT solutions for their clients‘ data center, enterprise, and campus environments.

Controlware’s main areas of business are network solutions, unified communications, information security, application delivery, data center and cloud, and IT management.

Providing business-critical applications in a reliable, high-performance, secure, and cost-efficient way is their aim. F5 is a very important partner in this regard.

Consulting - Controlware will help you with word and deed

Your company’s success largely depends on how well you support your business processes, both technically and organizationally. Deploying flexible, scalable, secure, easy-to-manage IT architectures has become a major success factor. As a GUARDIAN partner, they provide you with cutting-edge solutions that lead to faster return on investment.

Project Services - Your project in safe hands

With Controlware’s project services, they can ensure that your challenging IT projects are implemented professionally and reliably—and help you to achieve your objectives to the required quality within the specified time and budget. Controlware’s highly skilled system engineers are the foundation of the GUARDIAN partnership with F5.

Managed Services - Service skills for your IT infrastructures

With Controlware’s Managed Services, over 70 experienced IT experts can deliver a wide range of bespoke operational services—from simple red-green component management through to running your entire infrastructure. The GUARDIAN partnership emphasizes their commitment to serve their customers the best way possible through their depth of technology expertise.

Care Services - The service for your infrastructure

Controlware’s service and support offerings are modular, including service desks, expert hotlines, remote diagnoses, hardware replacements and an on-site service. These modules can be combined to form a bespoke service package to suit your needs and wishes. As a GUARDIAN partner, they offer extensive product knowledge.

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