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Digital China Group Co.LTD is always the No.1 choice of partner and IT service provider of technology vendor both domestic and abroad, Digital China Group have sincere cooperation with over 300 top level international vender. Seizing the most market share firmly. Digital China Group had provided products, technical solutions and services of IT infrastructure for over a million Chinese enterprises.

With the leading application delivery technology and solution in the industry, partnership with F5 ensures Digital China provides more value to the customer by making the applications faster, safer and reliable.

与F5超过10年的合作伙伴关系 | Over 10 years of F5 Partnership


Digital China has been in partnership with F5 since 2003, and has since become the most influential distributer in China. Digital China and F5 formed a strategic cooperative relationship over the decade.

针对用户的方案架构设计 | On-Demand Architecture Design


Digital China Pre-sales consultants are capable of delivering the core value of F5 reference architecture to the customer, and assist them with the detailed technical implementation. Digital China makes sure the customer can benefit from the latest F5 solutions, and reach the full potential of their IT infrastructure.

全行业解决方案 | Full Industry Solution


Digital China had accumulated experiences on comprehensive customer industries for over 10 years, such as Government, Large-scale Enterprises, Banking, Financial, Telecom, and Internet Company, etc. We are capable of delivering the most suitable and advanced F5 application delivery solution and success story for full industry customers.

全国范围的专业技术支持 | National Wide Professional Service


Digital China now has more than 50 professional F5 engineers, and 15 of them are certified F5 experts, located in 13 major cities of China. Digital China can provide national wide technical service including pre-sales consulting, solution and architecture design, post-sales support and on-site service. Plus we have 7*24 hotline to ensure rapid response of all kinds of customer demands.

Service Overview

  • Dedicated F5 sales and product team
  • Certified F5 technical experts and consultants
  • Pre-sales solution and architecture design
  • Post-sales support and on-site service
  • Evaluation appliances

Case Studies


F5 consolidate the internet service of Sinopec
Sinopec is one of the top 10 enterprise in the Fortune 500, F5 help them to achieve the integration of the internet links, reduce from 275 links into 11 major internet export. With the agility and powerful security mechanism of TMOS, the reliable, hardware platform Viprion and the unique N+M cluster technology of F5, enhance the robustness of network reliability and the security consolidation. Now the architecture based on F5 is providing 7*24 uninterrupted internet services for 250 thousand employee of Sinopac.


BSB Bank - Information Strategic Transformation
F5 helps BSB building a highly flexible, conveniently expandable, high available and strongly secure IT infrastructure. To protect the high availability of the business and provide continuity of 7*24 service, 136 application systems use a highly functional application delivery by F5. The application of Credit Card and Unionpay adopt innovative and programmable way to load balance long-lived connections base on messages.

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