Datacenter Firewall for Service Providers

The Challenge

Service providers are continually expanding their network to accommodate rapid deployment of datacenter-based services, ongoing adoption of 4G and 5G technologies, and higher customer demand for video and content streaming. In addition to impacting service quality and increasing capital and operational expenses, these changes strain the security architecture’s ability to handle an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. Service providers need solutions that enable growth without sacrificing reliable, scalable security.

The Solution

The full proxy architecture of F5 solutions gives service providers extensive visibility and control throughout layers 4 through 7. Through granular control of all connections, extensive security functionality, and comprehensive end-to-end protection against DDoS and other attacks, service providers can maintain security while the network scales. F5 solutions protect targeted network elements, the DNS infrastructure, devices, and applications with features that include application health monitoring, a robust web application firewall, web access controls, TCP optimization, web acceleration, and broad SSL support including inspection and offload.

After implementing F5 datacenter firewall solutions, a leading T-1 service provider reduced its hardware footprint by a factor of 20—a big improvement for scalability. With F5 DNS security solutions, results can be even greater. These solutions help simplify operations, lower total cost of ownership, and secure the network—all while protecting the service provider’s business and brand.

F5 Helps You:

  • Rapidly deploy datacenter-based services and applications
  • Increase connection rates and the number of concurrent connections
  • Reduce space, power consumption, and TCO
  • Improve service quality for users