Nexum, Inc.


North America

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Nexum, Inc.
190 S. LaSalle St.
Suite 1450
Chicago, IL  60603

Authorization Tiers

Installation Provider
Application Security Provider
Advanced Implementation Provider
Advanced Security Provider

Nexum, Inc. is an IT security and networking company that builds and secures global networks for organizations across multiple verticals around the world. Nexum believes that by remaining absolutely focused on its clients’ needs, success necessarily follows. Nexum meets those needs through a holistic, value-based approach that includes best-in-breed products, professional services, Nexum-branded manufacturer support, authorized training, and monitored and managed security services. Latin for an arrangement by which one pledged one’s very liberty as security, Nexum stands for a commitment to its customers, to help ensure their security. At Nexum, We Mean Security®.

Products: Best-of-breed cybersecurity and networking products from the industry's top manufacturers.

Services: Nexum's engineers assess, architect and integrate network and security infrastructure.

Training: Nexum manufacturer-certified training delivered by authorized trainers who are also field engineers with deep customer experience.

Support: Nexum's security and network operation command centers provide manufacturer-authorized technical support from US-based engineers.

Monitored and Managed Services: Nexum's first*defense® monitors and manages customer devices all over the globe.


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