Fortune 50企業のうち、48社がF5のお客様です


F5 Global Services Gains Cloud Security Even a Dev Team Could Love

F5 Distributed Cloud Services protect the F5 partner website in the cloud while enabling greater automation, visibility, and more agile development processes.

  TNB Elevates the Employee and Customer Experience with F5 | F5

Read how Malaysia’s top electricity provider rolled out AMI and remote work with capacity and availability improvements delivered by F5 BIG-IP solutions.

NGINX.com Improves Security and the Customer Experience

F5 Distributed Cloud Services protect the NGINX.com website from pervasive attacks, improving visibility, support, and the user experience while reducing costs.

PUMA North America、F5の支援でボットを撃退

PUMA North Americaは、F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defenseで保護することで、話題のバスケットボール スニーカーの発売に対するボット攻撃を撃退しました。

Trinity Cyber、F5の支援で攻撃者を阻止する

Trinity Cyberは、F5 BIG-IP SSL Orchestratorにより詳細なコンテンツ検査と復号化を提供する独自のサイバーセキュリティ サービス ラインで、顧客を保護しています。

Protecting Customer Data and Meeting SOC 2 Compliance

Threat Stack helps 6sense effectivly keep workloads and servers secure, compliant, and protected while delivering speed, efficiency, and security to their customers.

Causeway Capital Management to Simplify Deployment and Save Time with F5 NGINX for Azure

Read how this institutional investment advisory firm will carry out its hybrid cloud strategy using Microsoft Azure while retaining the familiar benefits of F5 NGINX Plus to simplify app deployment, save configuration time, and gain greater observability.

Deltatech Gaming Ltd、F5ソリューションを採用しオンライン ゲーミングのセキュリティを強化

ボット攻撃は、実際のユーザーのゲーミング エクスペリエンスに悪影響を与えかねません。Deltatech Gaming Limitedが、悪質なボット攻撃やユーザー攻撃をリアルタイムで防御するF5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defenseを採用してゲーミング エコシステムを保護し、ユーザー エクスペリエンスをどのように強化しているかをご紹介します。

Optimizely Streamlines Its Tech Stack with NGINX Plus

Optimizely built a leading digital experience platform that maximizes both customer and marketer experience by enabling the creation and optimization of highly personalized content. The company's customers also needed a highly secure solution that complies with privacy and data protection regulations. NGINX Plus helped Optimizely simplify its architecture while better keeping up with continually evolving threats, thanks to quality-assured software and regular security updates.