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Secuwave, Inc.
4F., Hibrand Living Bldg., 215, Yangjae-Dong, Seocho Gu, Seoul, Korea

Authorization Tiers

Installation Provider

Secuwave, Inc. is focused on network and security solutions for customers in Korea. They offer a stable network and security solutions to customers through a partnership with F5. Secuwave, Inc has made a quick, easy and safe IT environment from know-how accumulated through the experience of skilled engineers.

High-quality professionals and qualified service

Secuwave network and security engineers have many years of experience helping secure our customer's IT environment.

FTC program and the F5 training center

Secuwave runs a training program conducted bi-monthly for customers using solutions from F5. This face-to-face customer contact can result in an immediate response.

Powerful partnership

Through a long partnership that higher understanding of F5 solutions, Secuwave, Inc. as won various awards from F5 and acquired the first Guardian Program in Korea.

Variety reference

Secuwave has a variety of clients in the public, industry, and finance fields. They have provided these partners and organizations with a reliable maintenance security system.

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