In the Seat of The Attacker: Capturing the Flag with F5 Distributed Cloud Services

Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Time: 10 am PT | 1:00 pm ET


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A 90-minute interactive lab where participants will learn from the F5 team how F5 Distributed Cloud Services can stop an attack in action. Following the presentation will be an interactive Capture the Flag session. 

F5 Distributed Cloud Services protects web and mobile applications from sophisticated automation attacks that would otherwise result in large-scale fraud. To a targeted website or mobile application, attackers appear virtually identical to genuine users by imitating real devices, simulating human behavior, and leveraging stolen identity information. Attackers can rapidly evolve tools and methods, making it nearly impossible for defenders to differentiate real and fake visitors.

This session will explore how easy it is for attackers to masquerade as customers by mimicking real behavior, devices, and even identities. Join us to see an attack in action and learn how F5 Distributed Cloud Services can prevent these attacks. This lab will put you in the attacker seat, expose you to the tools available to the attackers, and allow you to prove your skills in a Capture the Flag event.