Privileged User Access

78% of attacks on web apps involve stolen user credentials1. Strong authentication can stop these threats. F5 can help.

Why Privileged User Access Matters in U.S. Fed

Agencies struggle to enforce multi-factor authentication across devices and applications—particularly in legacy systems—increasing the chances for breaches. Privileged user access mitigates this threat by controlling access to all devices and data.

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1Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigation Report

How F5 Can Help

F5 federal security solutions provide comprehensive, customized, and centralized privileged user access management across all devices and applications—no software installation or modifications required. Security teams can rely on audit trails, agile flexibility, and more to protect highly sensitive assets and reduce attack surfaces.


Privileged User Access for U.S. Federal Agencies

Safeguard federal agency data and mitigate risks

Agencies need simple yet robust ways to ensure the right users have access to sensitive data. A centralized, easy-to-use SSO method that leverages ephemeral authentication to manage and control common access card (CAC)/personal identity verification (PIV) user access rights is critical for a robust and consistent security posture across all network assets. 

BIG-IP Access Policy Manager

BIG-IP APM provides context-based application access that federates identity, drives multi-factor authentication, and supports SSO.

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