Carrier-Class Network Firewall


Seventy-six percent of service providers surveyed are concerned about security enforcement across network domains, particularly data centers, GI LAN, and end devices.
The Future of Mobile Service Delivery, Heavy Reading Report 2016

Solve Scaling and Network Security Challenges

Always-evolving technologies expose communication service providers to numerous threats—brand damage, subscriber service disruption, and next generation attacks that pilfer private information. Using F5 carrier class network firewall, service providers gain extensive security and scale critical for accommodating increased network traffic, growth in subscriber devices, and the internet of things that keep our digital world connected.

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Tier-1 Mobile Operator Secures Its 4G-LTE Environment Using F5 Carrier-Class Firewall
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Protect Core Network Elements and Every Layer In-Between

F5’s carrier-class network firewall provides end-to-end security. From customer billing and provisioning systems to protecting LTE network infrastructure and strengthening mobile device security—APTs and DDoS attacks don’t stand a chance. Our multilayered redundant security platform supports new 4G-LTE, 5G, and VoLTE technologies and easily integrates with today’s NFV environments. Defending assets at scale, without impairing performance is the security approach that earns us trust by all 10 of the Tier-1 operators.

"The most important thing is that our F5 carrier-class firewall solution is flexible and extendable across multiple environments and our breadth of platforms and appliances."

–Senior ITC Manager, Tier-1 Mobile Operator

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Datacenter Firewall

The full proxy architecture of F5 solutions gives service providers extensive visibility and control throughout layers 4 through 7.

VoLTE and IMS Security

F5 solutions enable service delivery with the highest possible protection, connection rates, and concurrency levels in the industry.

Carrier-Grade NAT

F5 BIG-IP Carrier-Grade NAT offers a broad set of high-performance, highly scalable tools that enable service providers to successfully migrate to IPv6 while continuing to support and interoperate with IPv4 devices and content.

Intelligent DNS Firewall

F5 DNS provides carrier-grade, high- performance LDNS caching and resolving, and is a hyper-scale authoritative DNS solution that includes DNS firewall security services for mitigating DNS DDoS attacks.

S/Gi Firewall

BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM) defends your network infrastructure and mobile subscribers from attacks, regardless of their source.


Service providers building out their 4G LTE networks are grappling with numerous complex security challenges. Learn which security capabilities are essential for them to consider and why as they begin to implement carrier-class network firewall solutions.


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