Intelligent DNS


Ensuring continuous availability for subscribers.

DNS is one of the most important components in a service provider’s networking architecture. If DNS goes down, services fail to function properly and the subscriber experience suffers. DNS is also a tempting target for DDoS attacks that can affect all external data center services. With the growth of 4G/LTE and new technologies that create a flood of packet-based traffic, operators need a faster, more flexible, and more intelligent DNS infrastructure that can scale to ensure availability and security in the face of increasing demand.

Dynamic and scalable DNS.

F5’s Intelligent DNS for service providers creates a dynamic service-delivery infrastructure that proactively scales and adapts to maximize DNS availability and performance based on changing network and data center conditions. The solution consolidates LDNS, authoritative DNS, and infrastructure DNS and can handle more than 20 million requests per second on a single platform, ensuring stability and security to deliver the best possible experience for subscribers.

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