Why F5?

Robert Haynes Miniatur
Robert Haynes
Published February 21, 2019

You’re probably reading this blog due to the all the noise and hoo-ha about F5’s newly launched product Heylu. If not, stop here and dig into all the available information about what it is, and why we’re excited in great blogs from <person A/link placeholder> and <person B/link placeholder>. But then come back and finish reading this.

Rather than reprise what the technology offers, I thought it might be a bit more interesting to talk about who you get it from, and why that should matter to you. F5 isn’t an ordinary company, and we don’t treat our customers in an ordinary way. And while that sounds like a load of self-congratulatory twaddle, if you’re used to a low-touch, low-effort organization—or are spending a lot of time combing through self-service support resources—you’re going to really enjoy the contrast with F5.

We design, build, and support our portfolio of products ourselves. We invest heavily in our people, so they can invest in their relationship with you. From sales and pre-sales, to professional services and support, we recruit and train the best we can find. Our customers, including an overwhelming majority of the Fortune 500, expect the best support in the industry, and we pride ourselves in delivering it. 

When you want help designing your solution, we’re there. In person, online, and in the communities where you need us. All around the world, all around the clock.

If you need help installing, managing, or migrating workloads, we have services you can call on—although we expect that with Heylu, you’ll require a lot less support than you’ve needed with others’ solutions in the past.

When your apps are online, you’ll need to think about protecting them from the many threats that are out there. Not only do we make technology to defend your apps, we’ve got a team of people working in our world-class security operations centers and F5 Labs, who are actively researching new threats, and how to defeat them. We’re publishing original research—and proactively notifying organizations of the vulnerabilities we find.

Plus, if you have a problem or (and I know this is just unimaginable in a v1 product) hit a bug, our global support services are available to you 24x7, via phone, email, or online. Our support centers operate in all major geographies and are IS0 9001.

We stand by our products and, most importantly, we stand with our customers.

And while we’re not the largest IT company in the business, we’re one of the biggest focused so completely on application delivery and security. We’re an ocean trench of expertise and intellectual property, and we have 20 years of keeping apps secure, fast, and available behind everything we do.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I really like this company. If you’re an old customer, I hope you recognize the F5 I’ve written about. If you’re about to be a new one, prepare to have your bar re-set.