Implement F5 Bot Defense with ease in Mobile Apps with Promon SDK Integrator

While there are many legitimate uses for bots—customer support chats, search engine crawlers, and any number of single-task automata—these little computer programs are just as often used for more sinister purposes. Bots are cheap and simple means for attempting to infect user devices or IoT (Internet of Things) systems to take control of their resources, attempting to steal identity information to take over accounts, or even trying to outright steal digital content.

Threat from Malicious Bots on Mobile Apps

Today, malicious bots are launched in droves to attack our mobile devices and apps where most of our online activity happens. Unfortunately for developers of mobile apps, many techniques used by traditional bot-defense solutions are not supported by native mobile apps. As a result, if developers do not take precautions, their back-end mobile API components can be exposed to automated attacks such as content scraping, denial of service (DOS), credential stuffing, fake account creation, and a host of others.

Infographic: Bot Defense Overview - Automation Detection
Solution: Secure your mobile apps with F5 Bot Defense Mobile SDK with Promon’s SDK Integrator

Battling mobile bots is precisely why the F5 Bot Defense Mobile SDK was created. This SDK extends the robust bot-protection capabilities of F5 Bot Defense to mobile applications in order to defend against bots, vulnerability scanners, content scraping, and other automated attack vectors. F5 Bot Defense determines in real-time if an application request is from a non-human automated source and then takes an enterprise-specified action, such as blocking, redirecting, or flagging the request. This powerful solution is designed to block nefarious bot traffic before it reaches your application servers and data.

Infographic: F5 Bot Defense (Shape) - API Request Flow


Through our close partnership with Promon, integrating the F5 Bot Defense Mobile SDK into your apps is done simply and quickly. In addition, the company’s flagship product, Promon SHIELD™, enables its own set of comprehensive in-app protections against attempts to spoof your app, tamper with its security controls or perform other nefarious activities. Together, F5 Bot Defense Mobile SDK and Promon SHIELD deliver thoroughly comprehensive protection.

Infographic about how F5 works with Promon

For DevOps teams, integrating F5 Bot Defense into mobile apps could not be simpler. Android and iOS apps can be quickly secured without touching app code in minutes using Promon’s no-code, hassle-free SDK integration platform. Once integrated, F5 Bot Defense sifts through the business logic, event flows and data flows of the app and then binds itself to the existing code. Once secured, the app is immediately ready for distribution via public app stores.

Using the Promon SDK Integrator, developers can protect a mobile application in two straightforward steps:

  1. Create a Promon SDK Integrator configuration file 
  2. Perform the SDK injection

A new app binary with all the features of F5 Bot Defense Mobile SDK is generated in minutes. Simply sign the new app and deploy it using existing workflows.

Integration Advantages
  1. No coding required to integrate F5 Bot Defense Mobile SDK
  2. Quick integration within minutes
  3. Everything can run locally without dependencies on any 3rd party services
  4. Can be part of the app's CI/CD pipeline
  5. Easy to upgrade to Promon SHIELD features (if desired)
F5 Bot Defense and Promon Solution Benefits
  • Stop bot traffic in its tracks: Up to 90 percent or more of online and mobile traffic can actually be automated bots, not real humans. F5 Bot Defense leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to accurately determine in real-time if an application request is from a fraudulent source, and if so, effectively mitigate. F5 Bot Defense solutions adapt and maintain full efficacy even as attackers evolve.
  • Protect what’s important: F5 Bot Defense and Promon secure your most valued mobile assets—your applications and sensitive data—from bots, automated attacks, web scrapers, and exploits.
  • Rapidly deliver mobile bot detection: Enterprise mobile security and e-commerce departments can implement critical solutions without taxing scarce mobile development resources. Because the Promon integration tool is simple to use and does not involve coding, enterprises can fast-track their bot protection initiatives by implementing F5 Bot Defense Mobile SDK instantly, enabling rapid deployment of advanced mobile security solutions without complex development or installation process.
  • Enjoy a consistent experience across platforms: The Promon integration tool is cross-platform and framework independent. Bot protection can be added to iOS and Android apps without additional effort and with consistent experience across platforms. It works with any app, created in any framework, with no modifications or plugins.
  • Take advantage of multi-service implementations: With the Promon integration tool, users can implement multiple services or SDKs simultaneously to the same app. This enables you to implement layered defenses covering a wide array of mobile attack vectors by integrating both Promon SHIELD and F5 Bot Defense Mobile SDK to achieve a comprehensive mobile security solution in minutes.

A Mobile app is a prime target for attack because it is so ubiquitous and has been traditionally difficult to secure. Software Development Kits (SDKs) such as the F5 Bot Defense Mobile SDK eliminate that difficulty and enable app developers to quickly integrate critical security features into their code—without having to write additional code themselves.

Promon’s self-service, no-code integration platform allows anyone to complete the integration of powerful mobile services, standards, vendors, SDKs and APIs in security, authentication, access, mobility, mobile threat, analytics and more. For F5 customers, this means you can leverage your existing investment in bot-protection to benefit your Android and iOS apps as well.

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Shape Mobile SDK Case Study

This article contains references to Shape Security related offerings including Shape Enterprise Defense. Shape Security was acquired by F5 and many of the products and offerings are currently undergoing a rebranding effort.

  • The amount of automated attacks that target mobile devices is increasing rapidly each year and already causes major financial damage across industries
  • Bots are a primary means by which criminals and fraudsters try to infiltrate origin servers, with bot traffic often originating on compromised mobile devices or emulated endpoints
  • Many techniques used by security solutions to combat mobile bots and malware rely on JavaScript injection, which is not supported by native mobile apps
  • DevOps environments are notoriously fast-paced and in the rush to market, comprehensive application and data protection are easily overlooked
Key Benefits
  • Secure your most valued assets—your applications and sensitive data—from malicious bots, automated attacks, account takeover, web scrapers, and exploits aimed at mobile apps
  • Implement rapid deployment of advanced mobile security solutions without a complex development or installation process
  • Secure your mobile apps with F5 Bot Defense Mobile SDK by using Promon’s no-code and hassle-free SDK integration platform
  • Implement multiple services or SDKs (Software Development Kits) simultaneously to the same app