Edge Computing in Carrier Networks: A Study of Edge Compute Use Cases & Drivers

With the urgent drive for resilient connectivity, low latency, and better customer service with a high level of security, an increasing number of service providers and enterprises are shifting more resources toward edge computing. Getting data and service to more locations closer to the customer is critical. But what are the priority use cases? Which business drivers are most important? And how are other providers planning for the future?

Co-sponsored by F5, Schneider Electric, and Wind River, the report was authored by Jennifer Clark, Principal Analyst, who surveyed 100+ service providers globally to find out what edge use cases they rate as most important. Among the findings:

  • 37% of service providers deemed vRAN and mobile applications “very important”
  • 35% rated “video processing/caching “very important”
  • Lower in importance was gaming, rated “very important” by 22% of respondents

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