5G Edge Telco Cloud Solutions

86% of service providers consider the integration of an edge computing solution as extremely challenging. F5 minimizes this complexity. 

Why Streamlining Your 5G Network Matters

The F5 Distributed Cloud Services Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provides a horizontal platform to overcome the complexities of 5G network deployment and operating applications and services across multiple cloud—from the core to the far-edge and into the enterprise edge. Service providers gain a faster time-to-service to start monetizing their investments while delivering on the promise of 5G.

Simplification of Edge Fleet Management and Operations

SaaS-based deployment and lifecycle management of infrastructure software allows customers to focus on application software development.

Integrated Security from Edge to Cloud

Protect the fleet of edge infrastructure and apps from Internet vulnerabilities and physical tampering to reduce downtime. Secured connectivity across cloud and edge enables improved productivity for DevOps and SRE.

Performance Optimization and Cost Reduction

SaaS-based delivery of platform services, coupled with a high-performance global network, significantly reduces the cost of deployment, operations, and application downtime at the edge.

Transform 5G Telco Cloud Computing

Centralize multi-cloud and edge deployment

5G edge computing is a catalyst for transformative opportunities across a wide range of industries. The force is reshaping telco cloud computing to enable centrally managed deployments of edge and multi-cloud environments from multiple vendors to unleash the potential of 5G.

How F5 Helps

5G Edge SaaS platform enables connectivity and security across multiple clouds and the entire 5G network

The SaaS solution, F5 Distributed Cloud Mesh, provides networking and security services. The Distributed Cloud Mesh Kubernetes gateway enables Kubernetes clusters to span across multiple different clouds, and over a wide area network. 

Distributed Cloud Mesh consolidates the complex security, API gateway, load balancing and routing features provided by appliance-based functions to enable a seamless multi-cloud integration. The service also provides a consolidated toolset, moving away from a siloed, legacy toolset environment. 

By leveraging Distributed Cloud Mesh consolidated services, operations teams can deliver up to a 12x improvement in time-to-service.

Automate 5G deployment, scaling, security, and operations of distributed applications

Our SaaS offering helps deploy, secure, and operate a fleet of applications across a distributed multi-cloud infrastructure and all edge locations. With unparalleled scaling and centralized orchestration, observability, and operations, F5 Distributed Cloud Services reduce the complexity of managing a fleet of distributed clusters. 

A logically centralized cloud removes the overhead of many individually managed Kubernetes clusters and automates application deployment, scaling, security, and operations as a “unified cloud.” Gain insight and control of your entire network all the way to the enterprise edge.

Simplified 5G deployment and operation of a distributed cloud for telco and IT workloads

F5 Distributed Cloud Services deliver a common cloud platform that simplifies deployment, operation, security, and connectivity of distributed Kubernetes clusters across your entire network. This unique solution provides a single pane of glass to gain insight and visibility from the 5g core data centers to the far edge to support both telco workloads, such as 5G core and radio access network (RAN), as well as enterprise IT workloads. Distributed Cloud Services help you manage a multi-vendor, multi-tenant distributed cloud with efficiency and speed to meet the real-time network requirements while reducing your OpEx.

Consolidated network view for management, operational, and deployment ease.

F5 Distributed Cloud Console is a SaaS-based operations and observability portal that manages infrastructure and apps across multi-cloud and edge, delivering early warnings that generate actionable business insights. 

Distributed Cloud Console offers single pane of glass monitoring with its consolidated control plane and distributed data plane capable of offering complete lifecycle management. This reduces complexity of managing and operating multiple services across a multi and hybrid cloud environment. 

Distributed Cloud Console provides the capability to operate applications across a distributed and heterogeneous infrastructure such as public and private clouds, network, and edge clouds.



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