Derek Smith

Senior Vice President, Security

In 2020, I joined F5 as Senior Vice President and General Manager for Shape Security.

Smith has been CEO and co-founder of Shape Security Inc. in 2011 after establishing Shape Security Inc. to protect major banks, airlines, retailers and government agencies from fraud, misuse and other sophisticated attacks. I did.

Prior to founding Shape Security Inc., he was a Senior Advisor for Cyber ​​Policy in the US Department of Defense's Secretary of Defense Office. Prior to that, he was with Raytheon, where he was Vice President of Cyber ​​Security after the company acquired Oakley Networks in 2007. Founded Oakley Networks in 2001 to develop the first data breach prevention and insider threat network security technology, which is now being deployed by the US Department of Defense, the US Information Community, and Fortune 500 companies.

Derek Smith