A zero-day for Windows 10 that’s good news

Lori MacVittie Miniatur
Lori MacVittie
Published July 30, 2015

One of the more difficult challenges in the enterprise is simply managing desktop systems. Migrations to new versions of Windows, for example, rarely happen until long after release not  because there’s no business driver but because it takes that long for all the requisite corporate tools and applications to also support it. In an age of bring your own everything as well as use your own from home, one of those systems that needs to support new releases is remote access.

Windows 10 started rolling out July 29. While no doubt there is corporate interest in the upgrade, many will want to wait for reasons noted above. But many employees and partners may be upgrading systems at home. Systems from which they might be remotely connecting to corporate resources.

And probably failing.

That’s because significant changes in core operating systems, as is the case with the move to Windows 10, can render all sorts of applications non-functional – particularly those that need to interact with and rely upon core network capabilities like a remote access solution.

That’s why We (the corporate, F5, we) were really excited to be able to provide zero-day remote access support with BIG-IP 11.5.3 for Windows 10.  

BIG-IP Edge Client and Internet Explorer 11 will support client-based and client-less remote access features, respectively. Support for Windows 10 in additional versions of BIG-IP will be available shortly.

For specific versions support and capabilities please refer to:

Now that’s a zero-day release that’s good news for everyone.