Don’t Leave Security Behind – 6 Months of SaaS-based Web App Protection Free for Healthcare, Non-Profits, and Education

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Published May 20, 2020

With the emergence of COVID-19 and the unprecedented explosion of remote-access needs in its wake, IT and security leaders have primarily focused on keeping remote users connected and productive. In the haste of getting people set up to work remotely, many IT and security teams have had to relax some controls, exposing applications that were previously protected by the traditional perimeter.

In a get-it-done-now kind of environment, you need a fast and easy way to make sure your web apps are covered by fundamental protections.

F5 recognizes that those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis have been under the most pressure, so we’re offering healthcare providers, nonprofits, and educational institutions our SaaS-based Essential App Protect for 6 months, free of charge, to ensure their applications are safeguarded.

We also understand the enormous burden COVID-19 has put on your teams, and we don’t want new technology to be another one. You can easily launch Essential App Protect through the GUI-guided onboarding or the API, protecting your web applications in under 5 minutes. And if you need it, we also have complementary professional services to help you get started.

When you’re ultimately responsible for the security of applications but overwhelmed by a new risk surface you’re not exactly resourced to mitigate, Essential App Protect empowers your dev teams. It lets them easily integrate protection into their app development pipelines and removes the traditional security bottleneck. And it’s pre-configured to protect across a number of attack vectors without you having to spend time creating policies or depending on dev teams to know security as well as you do. Out of the box, you’ll be able to:

  • Protect against OWASP Top 10 attacks like injection, cross-site scripting, and third-party vulnerabilities.
  • Automatically mitigate high-risk attacks with probability-based rating controllers that identify and block malicious requests with minimal false positives.
  • Eliminate traffic from malicious IPs with our integrated IP reputation engine that proactively stops traffic from known bad actors.
  • Recognize and eliminate targeted attacks through the integration of real-time F5 Labs threat intelligence data.

Contact us to get started on your free 6 months of Essential App Protect.

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