Driving Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Efficiency: How F5 and NetApp Change the Game

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Scott Laster
Published September 29, 2023

In today's digital-first era, enterprises are more dispersed than ever. With data stored across multiple cloud environments and on-premises, the need for a seamless, efficient, and secure way to manage this data is paramount. Enter F5 and NetApp—two industry leaders that have joined forces to offer an unmatched solution for businesses navigating the challenges of a multi-cloud strategy.

Why Multi-Cloud Strategy?

Modern businesses require flexibility in their cloud storage strategies. While individual cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud offer their unique VPN-style hybrid cloud connectivity solutions, relying on multiple, distinct solutions can be administratively taxing. The complexities of various networking and security tools from each provider can be daunting, leading to increased operational overhead and potentially higher costs in the long run.

F5's Distributed Cloud Solution

F5, a well-known name in application services, has introduced Distributed Cloud (XC) Services, specifically Network Connect, to tackle these multi-cloud intricacies. F5’s XC forms a multi-cloud network (MCN) that boasts a robust aggregate 20 Tbps backbone, ensuring that enterprises have swift, reliable connectivity between their on-premises data centers and various cloud platforms. This connectivity is not just about speed; it's about simplicity. The F5 solution promises service initiation in mere minutes, transforming what was once a complex networking challenge into a streamlined process.

NetApp's BlueXP: Mastering Data Management

Complementing F5's networking prowess is NetApp's BlueXP—a unified cloud-based control plane that offers businesses unparalleled control over their data, whether it's on-premises or in the cloud. Through intuitive workflows, enterprises can easily manage volume replication across various environments. Imagine the simplicity of dragging one data volume onto another for standard SnapMirroring. This is what BlueXP delivers.

Moreover, NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) ensures that businesses have a dependable cloud-based file storage solution, allowing them to replicate their on-premises data to robust and secure cloud vendors such as Microsoft’s Azure or Amazon’s AWS without a hitch.

A Unified Solution: F5 and NetApp in Action

The magic truly happens when F5's Distributed Cloud MCN and NetApp's BlueXP come together. Setting up F5 XC customer edge (CE) sites across Azure, AWS, and on-premises environments is a breeze, and these sites automatically connect to geographically close F5 regional edge (RE) sites. This guarantees quick and redundant connectivity to the F5 network, paving the way for efficient NetApp volume interconnection for ongoing replication.

With BlueXP's centralized portal, businesses can manage a wide array of data entities, from on-premises volumes to AWS cloud storage and even Amazon S3 storage. The added flexibility of BlueXP's Connector ensures that management functions for hybrid cloud storage are never more than a few clicks away.

Conclusion and Your Next Steps: The Power of Joint Deployment

In uniting their expertise, F5 and NetApp have pioneered a solution that not only navigates the intricacies of a multi-cloud strategy but also equips businesses to manage their data with unparalleled efficiency. Whether your enterprise is aiming for disaster recovery, research and development, advanced analytics, or extended backup options, this combined solution delivers the flexibility and security essential for success in today's digital landscape.

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As the cloud landscape continues its rapid evolution, solutions that promise and deliver efficiency, security, and adaptability remain paramount. With the collaboration of F5 and NetApp, the horizon for hybrid cloud storage has never been more promising. Equip your enterprise with the best; the next steps are just a click away.