F5 Private Cloud Solution Package for OpenStack

Published April 18, 2017

App Services in Red Hat OSP Cloud Deployed in Days

Today’s software-defined economy requires businesses to move faster than their competitors. Speed and agility are critical to keeping up with competitive demands for new applications. IT organizations must respond aggressively to match application and DevOps requirements to server business needs, and the private cloud is a primary tool to achieve this objective. However, enterprises do not want to be locked into proprietary architectures. Not surprisingly then, organizations are looking at open source, community-driven solutions like OpenStack as their cloud orchestration and management platform to deliver “Infrastructure as a Service” due to the open APIs, flexible architecture, and large commercial ecosystem.

As OpenStack clouds increasingly host mission-critical production applications, scale and reliability are essential. While OpenStack has matured and advanced rapidly, it is still challenging and complex to set-up. OpenStack requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge of the right toolchains to deploy, test, and maintain. Then you add in the need for advanced application delivery services and the task becomes even more complex. Fortunately, F5's advanced application delivery services are available in a consistent manner across public and private clouds, just as they are in the data center. To make it even easier to tackle the complexity of an OpenStack mission-critical cloud, F5 has partnered with Red Hat to provide a joint solution that leverage the years of experience and expertise in application delivery and open source technologies.

This week, we’ve introduced the F5 Private Cloud Solution Package for OpenStack. This is the first and only turnkey solution package that includes advanced application and security services which are engineered, tested, and certified to run in the Red Hat OpenStack Platform. By leveraging the F5 OpenStack LBaaSv2 plug-in, Heat orchestration templates, and the trusted Red Hat OpenStack Platform distribution, we provide both under-the-cloud multi-tenant L4–L7 services and over-the-cloud, single-tenant services for your Red Hat OpenStack cloud. F5 customers gain agile and consistent app services delivery, security, and compliance at scale, all within a DevOps-ready solution that enables collaboration between IT and app owners. With testing, validation, and certification done by F5 and Red Hat jointly using OpenStack community-based tools available on GitHub, you can reduce your time to deploy by up to 76% by following our detailed deployment guide. Not only that, the package includes F5 professional services, enterprise-grade support, and the necessary BIG-IP components, simplifying your procurement and deployment processes.


Figure 1: F5 OpenStack multi-tier architecture

Cloud is real, the benefits enterprises are realizing by adopting cloud are real, and now with the F5 solution package, you can confidently deploy a Red Hat OpenStack cloud in days with all the scalable app delivery services and BIG-IP goodness you need. Engineered. Tested. Validated. Certified.

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