New F5 Private Cloud Solution Package for OpenStack

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Published March 06, 2018

In today’s economy where businesses are continuously adopting modern technologies and emphasizing the importance of customer-facing experiences, staying ahead of competition and matching application and DevOps requirements is essential. To achieve this objective, many organizations are moving away from proprietary infrastructures and toward open source solutions such as OpenStack.

Hundreds of world’s largest brands rely on OpenStack for its ability to help them reduce costs and move faster. However, while an OpenStack cloud hosts mission-critical applications, it can still be complex to set up, requiring strong expertise in the areas of deployment, testing, and maintenance. Fortunately, F5 offers a solution to this problem. We offer advanced application delivery services across both public and private cloud environments—partnering with Red Hat to provide a joint solution that offers all the experience and the expertise necessary in combining application delivery capabilities with open source technologies.

Now, F5 has introduced an updated private cloud solution package for OpenStack. The updated package provides support for (and certification of) our solution for the Red Hat OpenStack Platform, version 10. One of the drivers for supporting Red Hat OSP v10 is the introduction of a new software lifecycle that includes three-year support with an option to extend to five years. That’s huge in the enterprise, because investing in a cloud is a longer-term strategy that will outlive many of the apps it’s designed to deliver.

The package also introduces enhanced use cases with L7 capabilities using Enhanced Service Definitions (ESDs). ESDs allow you to apply BIG-IP LTM profiles, policies, and iRules to OpenStack load balancers. This helps organizations enjoy the advantages of standardization in OpenStack without sacrificing the potential for competitive advantages through advanced application services and capabilities. In a world where there is an app for everything, ESDs provide distinct advantages by making an organization’s apps faster and safer than competitive offerings.

The package also includes F5 professional services, enterprise-grade support, and the necessary BIG-IP components, simplifying your procurement and deployment processes. For more details, including diagrams and screen shots, check out the F5 OpenStack Private Cloud Solution Package deployment guide.

So, even though moving to cloud is a big decision for most companies, the benefits after you adopt it are undeniable. With this F5 Solution Package, you can now confidently deploy Red Hat OpenStack cloud fast and get all the application delivery and BIG-IP goodness you need.

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